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Summer is over and school is starting. Lot's of nervous kids and, lets face it...Lot's of HAPPY parents. I must admit I am one of them. Although there is one thing I am never happy about and that is buying school clothes for all 4 of my children, not to mention their endless school supply list. As most of you know this is draining to your pocket book, especially if you have a lot of kids. So every way I can I am trying to save money, buying sales and seeing what is really worth my money. If I can get more for the price you can bet I am going to buy it.

This is why I love Fruit of the Loom. Now, my kids only get underwear two times a year. For Christmas and for Back to School, around these times I think you can find the best deals for them so that's when I chose to shop. I really like Fruit of the Loom, I love the fit of the underwear and I also love the patterns. They are comfortable and they last a long while and that is important to me because we honestly don't have a lot of money. If you haven't seen them already in stores you MUST check out the Fruit of the Loom multipacks.

The back to school shopping rush is always a scramble. Coolest new jeans? Check! New backpack? Check! But what about the basics? Tees, undies and socks are often forgotten but are some of the most important items to ensure a fresh start – it’s the only school supply kids and teens can’t be without!

This Back to School season Fruit of the Loom is giving you more bang for your buck by offering seasonal bonus packs. With one, two or THREE extra items per pack – complete with a diverse selection of colors, patterns, and style options – kids and teens have a chance to express themselves with the first thing they put on in the morning.

Set your family up for success and let their true colors shine with some of Fruit of the Loom’s go-to pieces every kid should have for their fresh start this school year.

I can honestly say right now and thanks to Fruit of the Loom my kids are set with undies. I won't even have to worry about getting them more come Christmas time! Reasonably priced and just all around a wonderful product. We are a fruit of the Loom family, I buy it, I use it and I strongly stand behind them. With Fruit of the Loom bonus packs you can rest assured your money is going far.

You can find the Fruit of the Loom Bonus Packs at your local Walmart stores. Follow Fruit of the Loom on Twitter and Facebook.

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I can’t even tell you how important it is to get your kids their yearly eye exams. This is right up there with the yearly doctor visits. My two youngest girls has really bad vision and had I not taken my youngest daughter, Kyria in, I would have never known just how bad her eyes… Read more →

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Sun Angels- Review

Sun Angels, maker of UPF 50+ sun protection gear for kids, introduces a new accessory with their UPF 50+ arm sleeves. Designed with kids and parents in mind, Sun Angels arm sleeves are kid-friendly, fashionable and offer UPF 50+ protection, the best possible rating for protection against potentially harmful UV rays. These easy-to-slip-on arm sleeves… Read more →

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This isn’t something I am going through at the moment, even though I know the moment will come all too quickly. I still have some time yet before I have to worry about menopause but there are SO many who are suffering through the symptoms and going through it. Luckily, there are people out there… Read more →

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Inculcating the reading habits among the children: What is the way to develop reading habits among children? Reading is one of the best hobbies that anyone can cultivate in his life. By reading, you will be able to learn new things. Every day you will come to know about new things and those new things… Read more →

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This is a new product I’d like to introduce you to. Safe, fast and all natural. Anti Itchbalm is an innovative and natural itch, rash, and eczema relief medication especially for babies, and children. The product not only works well and is very effective,but is also safe. It’s very effective for relief of irritation of minor… Read more →

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“Blue Apple Books” Review

  I recently received a book from Blue Apple Books “I can Doodle Rhymes”. My 3 year old son is not yet at the age to spell but i can tell you he loved the animation that is in the book. I can say that Blue Apple Books is great for teaching and your child… Read more →

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Metallimonster’s – Review

  Metallimonsters is THE place for alternative baby clothing. Metallimonsters has a wide range of dresses, vests and accessories for your little monsters. Ever wanted a skeleton print babygrow or a blood splattered print bib? you’ll certainly find them amongst Metallimonsters range of designs and products.   For parents that live an alternative lifestyle, Metallimonsters… Read more →

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It seems that cold and flu season has passed us by… or has it? My kids are still getting sick and I blame a lot of it on the weather. Not sure what it wants to do most of the time. I have 4 kids, so once one gets sick, they ALL get sick. I… Read more →

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Have dryer nights with the Dry-Me Bedwetting Alarm & the book Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness #GIVEAWAY

My daughter, Kyria, has a problem with bed wetting. It’s not something we like to discuss but it’s a problem we need to attend to and be serious about. I have tried so many things, even during Kindergarten she would have to wear pull ups to bed and she hated it. She, like every other… Read more →

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