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Master Lock Master Combo Challenge

Introducing the SafeSpace 5900D, the Portable Personal Safe!

Unlock the featured lock when you play Master Lock's trivia game and enter for a chance to win great prizes!

Also, the Master Mind videos and sweepstakes for Back to School are all housed on the Master Lock Facebook page here:

While Master Lock might not have a physics expert on-hand to help students with their science homework, the company has hired a new specialist on student life to help students safely and securely navigate this school year in style. The Master Mind, a suave and funny college grad, will be introduced to fans on the Master Lock® Facebook page beginning July 18 via a humorous online video series in which he, along with his clever Little Sister, will set out to answer students’ most frequent, awkward and perplexing questions. Master Lock also invites students and parents to submit their own questions to the Master Mind and participate in a daily sweepstakes through September 16 at for a chance to win back-to-school must-haves, including popular Master Lock school and campus security products to help families prepare for the upcoming school year.

“Master Lock goes beyond providing the best products to help students maneuver through the school year safely and securely,” said Rebecca Smith, vice president, marketing, for Master Lock. “We also want to be a resource for students, and their parents, as they prepare to head back to school or to a college campus for the first time by offering candid advice from someone who’s been there before and can ease their anxiety.”

The worldly Master Mind and his clever Little Sister will offer advice via a humorous online video series in which the characters appear in awkward situations, providing a creative solution to the problem at hand. Consumers will be asked to submit their own questions related to student life and security for a chance to be one of the next featured video topics, or for the opportunity to have the Master Mind answer their question on the Master Lock Facebook page.

Visitors to the Master Lock® Facebook page will also have the opportunity to enter into daily and weekly prize drawings, conducted each weekday from July 18 through September 16. Prizes include back-to-school essentials for any student, such as an iPad®, high-end ear buds, messenger bag or backpack, bank gift cards and Master Lock® security products. Fans can enter daily, including weekends, and all entrants will automatically be entered in a grand prize sweepstakes for the ultimate back-to-school prize pack valued at $2,500, to be drawn on September 19.

About the Products

While solving perplexing student situations – including the fear of the forgotten locker lock combination - the video series will also showcase some of Master Lock’s newest and coolest back-to-school accessories, including the 1500iD Speed Dial Set-Your-Own Combination Lock and the 1590D Precision Dial Set-Your-Own Combination Lock.   Both products feature resettable combination mechanisms, ensuring students will never need to worry about forgetting their lock combination again.

The innovative Speed Dial features a first-of-its-kind design that opens on directional movement – up, down, left and right – instead of the traditional rotary dial. The resettable combination lock is faster to open than traditional locks, saving students valuable time between classes or at the gym, and is ideal for visually impaired students, as users don’t need to see the lock to open it. For those who prefer alternate methods of recalling their combination, the lock includes adhesive letters, numbers, colors, shapes and symbols that can be applied over the lock’s directional arrows. The Speed Dial retails for $8.99 and is available in red, blue, white and black colors, and a new white with pink breast cancer awareness design.

The Precision Dial offers a resettable combination solution for users more comfortable with a traditional rotary dial. Students can leave memorization for their chemistry class and choose their own combination of three letters or numbers. The lock opens with standard right-left-right movements, and is easy to reset with the enclosed reset tool.  The Precision Dial retails for $7.99 and is available in black, turquoise, yellow and purple colors, with new white and pink breast cancer awareness designs.

In addition, Master Lock also offers a variety of other security products for all aspects of students’ lives at school or on campus, including backpack locks, bike locks, portable mini safes, locking cash boxes, door security bars, pepper spray, and password combination locks.

Locks can be purchased at retailers nationwide as well as on

Never Forget Your Combination

From locker combinations, to lunchroom PIN codes to online account passwords, students suffer from password overload. Thanks to the new Master Lock Vault – a free, safe and convenient tool for storing and retrieving confidential data – students and parents never need to worry about losing or forgetting any of their access information again. Users only need to remember one unique password and username that they create on In addition, iPhone™ , iPad™, and Android™  users can download the free Master Lock Vault app from their App Store for instant access to stored information anytime, anywhere.

To view the video series, enter the sweepstakes and engage with the Master Mind, visit Videos can also be found on the Master Lock® YouTube channel at

Stay tuned for my review of the  SafeSpace Portable Safe. This is by far one of my favorite products and I am excited to share it with you! There's also a PRIZE so be sure to keep watch!

But for now, please go enter the contest on Master Lock's Facebook page! Good Luck!

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