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OhBabyChic Infant Paparazzi Pod Review

When I had my kids I wasn't so lucky to find anything like this before. OhBabyChic has the absolute cutest car seat cover AKA Infant Paparazzi Pod.


I reviewed the same one as seen above. Super cute and stylish! I gave it to my sister-in-law who just had a baby. She loves it! It fit her carseat perfectly. The best part is that it doesn't feel like your trying to suffocate your baby! I always put a blanket over my kids' carseats in the Winter time and I hated it! I wish I had known about this fabulous idea! I also really like how your baby is closed off, but yet not so much to where you can't see them and pay attention to them. But it keeps them safe from the germs found in the air, especially during flu season!

OhBabyChic's founder, Tanyika Gordon, truly believes that women today can do it all -  motherhood, marriage, and career all while being fabulously chic.  In 2011, Tanyika decided to follow her passion and love of all things baby!  After several years of trying to conceive, Tanyika was diagnosed with a small tumor on her brain.  She and her husband later discovered that this was the source of their Infertility.  As heartbreaking as the news was she decided to channel her energy into the creation of OhBabyChic™, a company that would blend her passion for fashion with her fascination with chic baby gear. Inspired by the style of celebrity mommy fashionistas her goal is to create chic baby gear for women.  A firm believer that moms should not have to trade in their Red bottom heels for flats or Pashmina scarves for burp cloths, Tanyika aims to help make the transition to motherhood easy for trendy moms on the go. She loves travel, fashion mags, and of course, all things chic! 


  • - provides hands off privacy for newborns in infant car seats
  • - year-round use; guards against wind, germs, dust, & bugs
  • - elastic outer band for easy on & off
  • - 100% breathable, designer cotton fabric
  • - eliminate draped & falling blanket on baby's face
  • - fits conveniently in diaper bag or purse
  • - los angeles fabric is pure organic

My sister-in-law loves how she can just put it in her diaperbag when she is done using it and that it's always there when she needs it.

The designs are also very fabulous! You have 7 fabrics to pick from. Something that can fit just about everyone's style. PLUS, you can make a fashion statement!

You can purchase the Infant Paparazzi Pod for $59.00 on

Please also follow them on their Social Networks to stay in touch with their sales and specials!

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Thank you to Rachel Florio-Urso the Celebrity Trend Expert who told me about the awesome company OhBabyChic. Rachel is wonderfully professional and just an all around awesome lady! Stay in the know with Rachel and check her out on her website, Facebook & Twitter. 

My review is an honest opinion based on my own experience, and is not reviewed or edited by OhBabyChic. I did receive a Infant Paparazzi Pod of my own to review.

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