Elf-Magic – 2013

It's that time of year again, Elf Becky and Reindeer Buffy has come back for a visit to my beautiful kiddo's! Seems like every year there is a new addition to the family when they come to visit, this year we had a very special visitor! It's  Ho Ho Husky! My kids decided to name him Chrusty (Crusty, my daughter chose to spell it the other way). As most of my readers know, this year hasn't been too good to us. My kids were feeling down and much like their mom, just not in the Christmas spirit. With our visitors, they seemed to bring back the joy of Christmas to my kids. I know it's hard to believe, but it has happened. My daughter writes Elf Becky a letter every week, and of course Elf Becky responds. This has helped a lot. As you can see in the picture below, she also draws them "presents", too!

We love the tradition of Elf-Magic, we do it every year! You can read more about them from my other posts; When Elf Becky first came to visit, When Reindeer Buffy came, and now we have Chrusty with us! We love our elf, reindeer and Ho Ho Husy!

I love that my kids can interact with them, they can take them to show and tell, they can play "house". My daughters tell them secrets, they are their best friends. They come home from school and play with them every day. Every morning they are on the search to find them. They look forward to it every single year.

The Elf Magic Elves – recognized by a magic snowflake placed on their heart by Santa himself – make the holiday season come alive. This timeless tradition artfully blends playtime, the importance of family values, and reinforces the true meaning of Christmas. From discovering an Elf’s magical arrival in the home, to searching for their hidden Elf after a night full of adventurous Elfcapades® – children know the magic in Elf Magic is real!

To refresh your memory for how it works, your child writes a letter to Santa and asks if he can let the Elf come back to visit between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Then, when you are ready, your Elf arrives, and the tradition continues! Remember to sprinkle the magic North Pole Snowflakes on your Elf at night, so that he or she will come to life and enjoy fun Elfcapades® while your family sleeps.

Elf-Magic is a tradition my children will always remember and it's one that they can pass down to their children.

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