The Best House Warming Gifts

Whether you have a new neighbor moving in, or you are purchasing for a long time friend, a housewarming gift makes that person feel like they can take one thing off their list of chaotic activities. There are many different options, some specific to your relationship to that person, or just basics. Here is a list of housewarming gifts perfect for each group.

                If you have a new neighbor and want to get them something, there are many generic and simple options. You can never go wrong with picture frames or design items. You want to stay away from anything too specific or detailed, like soaps, because you do not know their likes or dislikes. Edible Arrangements fruit baskets can be used for any occasion. They are perfect as a housewarming gift because most people enjoy fruit and it is good quality as well.

                It may sound like an old school gift, but a potted plant is a great housewarming gift. A plant symbolizes a new start to a long, happy life. They can plant it in their garden or just keep it in their home. Maybe purchase a pot that is plain and paint it yourself to match their outdoor area. Another great idea would be to paint it white and at the housewarming party have all of the guests sign. That is memorable, affordable and unique.

                For a more personalized gift experience for friends, you can find out what their color scheme is going to be and work from there. Maybe then monogrammed towels would be a good choice. There are also many shops on Etsy that offered personalized gift options. If you know your friends like wine and cheese, then you can easily build a gift basket with those items and that is very personalized.

                A lot of times, a new homeowner may want to start fresh and purchase new cutlery or utensils. Something like a new set of utensils can be a great housewarming gift. If you know the person well and have heard them say they need something for their kitchen, it would be a fun surprise to get them a new cookbook or utility. If they are newly married, a cute gift would be a newlywed cookbook or matching aprons.

                No matter what the gift is, it will show them that you care and are excited for this new experience and their new home.

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