“Blue Apple Books” Review

  I recently received a book from Blue Apple Books "I can Doodle Rhymes". My 3 year old son is not yet at the age to spell but i can tell you he loved the animation that is in the book. I can say that Blue Apple Books is great for teaching and your child to learn from very educational. Blue Apple Books offers their readers wonderful authors and eye-catching designs! Your kids will not be disappointed. Story time is a special time in my house. when I was asked to review a book from Blue Apple books, i was excited to try something new with my son. He loved turning the pages and pointing out to me to do the rhyme. To give you an idea about "I can doodle rhymes" A clever combo of zany drawing lessons and rhyme reinforcement distinguishes this innovative activity book. Up-and-coming illustrator Travis Foster's simple, cartoon-style drawings serve as great models for budding artists. Kids will gain a real sense of accomplishment, whether they imitate drawings, or make their own doodles. While comical, accessible illustrations ensure fun, stress-free doodling, the pictures also help pre-readers pick up the rhymes. It is aimed at four to six years, but  my 3 year old still loved it.. I was excited to see my sons face light up when he turned every page just to see what was next. As children ages 4-8 get ready to enjoy summer vacation, Blue Apple Books will keep your child busy and keep their minds fresh and will be learning while having fun. www.blueapplebooks.com www.facebook.com/pages/blue-apple-books/310881431090 @blueapplebooks-twitter


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    Lilia Vanini says:

    Yes, this can be a great idea for summer vacations!

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