With my oldest daughter almost 16 and who is in High School this is the time where it's all about the High School dances. She's only in 9th grade so I don't have to worry about Prom until next year, and then the next 3 years! But they have other special dances and she goes to every one of them.

 I had my daughter do some looking around on MissesDressy and asked her which dress she would like. My daughter has a "wild and crazy" type attitude so it was no surprise to me that she picked out this dress;

The dress is gorgeous. They have SO many dresses that you could spend hours there looking.

MissesDressy proudly offers you an exquisite selection of Prom Dresses, Cocktail Dresses, Evening Dresses and other dresses for a variety of events. We go out of our way to choose the best designer dresses available and deliver the perfect dress, for any event, to every woman.

I've searched and searched for some beautiful gowns and dresses for her and to my surprise I found MissesDressy. They offer beautiful dresses not only for school dances but also for weddings and for just going out on the town. I mean some of them are drop dead gorgeous! I have been wanting to renew my vows to my husband. We got married in a court house, nothing special. My mom and 3 kids were there and that was that! Someday in the near future I WILL marry my husband again, and have a REAL wedding. And when I do...I will need a dress! You honestly have to check out the wedding dress selection at MissesDressy, they will blow your mind. They have everything from traditional wedding gowns, to more of a "low key" wedding dress. Non the less, they are all gorgeous. I would personally pick something more low key, just because it fits my attitude and suits me better.

Simple, but still beautifully stunning!

 MissesDressy has everything you can look for, every type of dress. From Proms, Weddings, and every dress you will need in that wedding, Sweet 16's, evening dresses, casual dresses and so, SO many more.

I know where I am going to be shopping for our dresses!

Find Prom Dresses and more at MissesDressy.com.

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