Organic clothes: yay or nay?

Every so often, there’s a fashion trend that everyone seems to follow for a few months before interest fizzles out. On the odd occasion, trends become etched firmly into the fabric of fashion, and one of those could be the growth and popularity of organic clothing.

It seems that everything these days is made ethically, which can only be a good thing. Organic food, organic drink, renewable energy and now organic clothes can be bought widely; but one thing I often wonder about is whether they’re any good. Are they durable? Do they clean well? And, most importantly of all, do they look good?

Fashion comes naturally

A wide range of kids’ clothes are now being made partially or entirely with organic materials which aren’t treated with chemicals or synthetic dye. For the ethically-minded parent, this is a good thing, but there are a few questions about the overall quality.

I like whatever I buy to be made to last, especially when it’s clothes for the kids because they run around a lot! This is why whenever I visit a shop with the kids, I look closely at the materials used, ask whether they’ve been made organically and think carefully before I decide whether or not I would like to buy them.

My choice

If I was asked to choose between organic and non-organic clothes, I would go with my heart and choose organic. This is because I care about animal welfare and want to know that the kids’ clothes were made in the best and fairest possible way.

Swedish kids clothing brand Polarn O. Pyret are a good example of a firm who produce clothes with families, kids and parents’ needs in mind. The have long been known to make really adjustable clothes that grow as their kids grow; they make a lot of their clothes unisex so that it can easily be passed down; they wash well and over 30% of their range is made from organic cotton.

Those are details any parent can appreciate.

They know that clothes have to look good as well as last, no matter what material is used to make them.

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