Why glasses are great

Why glasses are great   In our digital age, more and more people find themselves in need of glasses. The constant eye strain as we watch television, sit at the computer or read can add up over the years. Thankfully, the stigma around glasses being nerdy and uncool is long gone. These days many people see their glasses as a great accessory and they are very attached to them. The following are some reasons why wearing glasses can be pretty great. They make you look smart: Back in middle school it may not have been ‘cool ‘to be smart and be labelled a ‘nerd’. In these days of a global recession, everyone is looking for that extra edge to succeed in the work force. Many people with perfect vision choose to get frames without prescription lenses just to appear smarter. Appearing more intelligent and sophisticated in interviews can lead to success in the workplace. They are unique: Glasses are no longer one size fits all, there are so many different types of men’s eyeglasses, women’s eyeglasses and children’s eyeglasses. The frames can be delicate or bold, plastic or metal, some of them can look like there are no frames at all. Whatever your personality is there are glasses that can fit any aspect of it, so check out sites such as Coastal.com to find one that suits you. They can be great for any occasion: Some people have only one pair of glasses while others have several. Glasses are a fantastic accessory that can be used to put together the right look or an outfit. For example if you have a serious job you may want to have a professional looking frame. At the same time you may want to have funky frame to showcase your personality when going out on the town. Prescription sunglasses are amazing in the summer and will prevent you from trying to squeeze your sunglasses on top of your glasses. They help you see: This should really be on top of the list. The primary purpose for glasses is to help your vision and to help you function in the world. With glasses you can see who you are talking to, watch television and drive. Best yet, if you want to avoid that annoying member in the supermarket you can always claim that you didn’t see them because you were not wearing your glasses. Problem solved. Added protection: Back in the day many kids got away from wearing goggles in chemistry glass because their eyes were already protected by glasses. This may not be the case anymore but your glasses do offer you some degree of protection. The snow or rain no longer gets into your eyes as you walk, the twigs do not get into your eyes on your morning hike with your dog. In fact glasses often are the first line of defense in various sport activities that children play. Wearing glasses is no longer a hassle but a fun way to express yourself while being able to actually see the world.

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