Some ways to boost your mood

Ways to boost your mood- We all have those days when nothing ever seems to go right and even the smallest thing can be very upsetting. On those days many of us just want to crawl into bed and wake up the following morning. However, that is not the most ideal solution. Here are some quick solutions that you can use to boost your mood in a matter of minutes.   Breathe: Deep breathing has been shown to reduce the level of anxiety in your body, by providing more oxygen to your brain. Deep breathing also increases your lung capacity which is an overall can lead to overall improvement in the health of your mind and body.   Play games: Playing a short game can provide a much needed distraction for your brain. When you are feeling down, often you focus on the negative and replay it over and over in your head, which makes even a small problem seem large. Interrupting your negative thought process with a distraction can give you a much needed break. Click here for some easy and fun game ideas.   Get some exercise: Even just a little bit of exercise can have a huge effect on your feelings of happiness. Exercise can boost the overall circulation in your body and will produce the “happy” hormones” known as endorphins, which can keep you happy even after you exercise   Talk to someone: Often our thought and worries seem bigger in our heads than they really are. By saying them out laud, they may seem more manageable than before. So get some things off your chest.

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