Elf Becky and Reindeer Buffy have been a lot of fun having around. We're sad that we only have roughly 5 days left with them before they have to leave and report back to Santa on how good all of my kids have been. I think they will receive a very good report. I am very proud at how well they behaved during Becky's visit this year!

As I said in the last write up, my daughter Kyria took Elf Becky and Reindeer Buffy on a very important day out, it was Kyria's "Share Day".

(Excuse the picture, apparently my husbands camera was DIRTY and I didn't know it!)

She had so much fun taking Becky and Buffy with her to show everyone. I really wish I had pictures of their adventure together. She told me it was a very good and fun day. She passed Becky and Buffy around for everyone to touch and see. Some kids said that they have the "other" elf and they aren't allowed to touch them, so they were pretty excited that they could actually touch and feel Elf-Magic without them losing their powers. Kyria told everyone on what they have to do every night for Becky & Buffy to come "alive" during the night. We just simply put some magic snowflakes on them and in the morning you have to find them and find out what kind of trouble they got into. We've had all sorts of fun with them. My kids love to take them wherever they go, even if it's just to the grocery store. They sit and talk to them and play house, too. All 3 of my youngest kids really enjoy being around Elf Becky and Reindeer Buffy. They are REALLY good around her. I need to keep her around all year long! :)

We just had an amazing time with Elf-Magic...though it's almost time for them to go home, we know it won't be long until she is with us again! She can show up ANYTIME to surprise the kids! It's something they look forward to and me, too!

Disclaimer: My review is an honest opinion based on my own experience, and is not reviewed or edited by Elf Magic.






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