The Singing Machine- Review

When the family gets together this holiday season it might be a fun idea to get out a Singing Machine from The Singing Machine Company and let the good times roll. Who doesn’t like a little karaoke as part of their holiday season? There are a ton of Singing Machines available starting at a very simple unit or more advanced units that have some really fun features. The basic 4TV Singing Machine is probably the most basic and affordable for most people looking to buy a karaoke machine. It plays CD/CD+G and has a hookup for USB devices. The unit hooks up to your television where you can scroll the lyrics and you can hook up two microphones (The unit comes with one but you can buy others). The built in speaker makes for great sound (Might be a negative factor if you’re not a great singer!). The 4TV Singing Machine comes with a demo disc you can use and 5 bonus songs. You can download others online. What I liked about this unit is that it’s really compact and cute. You can pick the 4TV in a number of colors and it will fit into a cupboard in your entertainment center or in a closet when it’s not in use. If you want to get fancy with your karaoke experience there are a lot of different units to choose from. The Singing Machine Company has machines that will display a light show in the room, monitors that will show the words right on the machine instead of your television and much more! You can visit for more information or to browse their huge selection of karaoke machines.

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