Blurb- Photobooks and More- Review and Discount Code

Photo books are a great gift idea for the holidays. Everyone loves a complete hardcover book filled with photos of their loved ones. It’s a great way to update family on everything your little one has done this past year and Blurb has some great options you can choose to make a memorable photo book. We had some professional photos taken this past summer and they turned out positively lovely. I had a book made for our coffee table that included all of the shots and I noticed that my son was constantly looking through the book and loved the photos of all of us. He even loved looking at the funny ones of him. Rather than our big leather coffee table book of photos get sticky little fingerprints on each page I decided to make a book for my son for Christmas and he will have his very own copy (Shhhh…don’t tell him!) It will be nice for him to have his very own remembrance of him with his Mom and Dad and it’s something he can always have to look back on from when he was a child. The process of using Blurb was relatively easy. You can choose a number of ways to create your book. You can enter photos yourself or you can have them automatically placed into the pages. You can enter text, create a cover and more. The binding even has a title on it depending on the style of book you purchase. I chose the hardcover option that lets you put a photo on the front and back of the book. The title of my choosing is on the binding and in the beginning of the book is printed a nice message from myself and my husband to our son. Blurb really allowed us to make a special gift for our son. You don’t have to choose a photobook. Blurb also allows you to publish your own story or poems, you can create a family cookbook including photos and much more. Prices are very reasonable considering the final product and the types of products you can make. The options are endless. To make your own book or browse through the samples you can visit To save $10 off your shipping costs from now until December 31st you can use the code: UNWRAP.


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    What a great idea and i love how you made it even more personal with the message you had printed in the beginning of the book! Thanks for sharing your thoughts

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