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I am beyond excited about having the chance to work with this company! I have seen Zipz Shoes before and I fell in love. Not only me, but my teenage daughter as well. I mean honestly, who wouldn't love shoes that your kids can change themselves?

Zipz Shoes is the world’s first and only fully interchangeable shoe system.  This allows consumers the ability to change the “cover”, or top of the shoe, with the “soul”, or bottom of the shoe.  There are numerous different collections, styles, patterns, and colors to choose from allowing the consumer to make a personal fashion statement every day of the week. Whether its fashion, function, or fun Zipz shoes have you covered.

I didn't get a pair of Zipz shoes for myself (although, I kind of wish I did!) I got them for my teenage daughter, Alysia. I asked her to pick out a pair she really loved, and of course she went with what I thought she would which is these;

I love the interchangeable soul. When she gets bored of this style, she can zip on another! I actually plan on getting her another style of the "Covers" so she has a couple styles and it'll be like she has 2 new pairs of shoes, rather than just one. Zipz shoes also carries them in childrens' sizes, too. They sell Adult (5-13) and Youth (12-4). Keep in mind that Zipz shoes "Adult" are all in mens sizes, so please always keep this in mind when you pick out a pair of shoes. Normally, she wears a size 9-10 in women, so we got a size 8 in mens, which is a 10 in women.

 Here's some FAQ's that may interest you with Zipz shoes. I know I was skeptical when I first heard about them as I am sure you are too!

How do I know these shoes are actually going to last and are they comfortable to wear?

  • Zipz Shoes uses only the finest materials and processes in the construction of our shoes.  We use 8 ounce canvas in our “Cali Classic” line to provide the maximum strength and superior quality in materials.  That’s double that of others shoes like Vans and Converse.
  • Our specially designed outsole provides maximum traction without the squeaking noises you get from other shoes on hard surfaces.
  • Our customized, extra cushioned insole works in conjunction with our specially designed arch support system to give you the most comfortable and healthy fit available.  Zipz Shoes™ are the perfect companion even if your lifestyle requires you to be on your feet all day.  We’re essentially a comfort sneaker!
  • Further our interchangeable zipper system allows for breathability; fresh air to flow in and out of your shoes as you walk.  This keeps your feet dry and fresh and your insoles working for you, not against you.

So, okay! I have to admit, even after reading this I was still skeptical! So I had my daughter wear them and tell me what she thought. Comfort wise, did the shoes actually "Squeak" because when you see an actual zipper on your shoes, my first thought is that they were going to squeak when you walked. How well did they do with skateboarding. You know, just normal wear. Alysia is a picky child! She likes her shoes a certain way, if they aren't comfortable, she will NOT wear them. I can't tell you how much money I have actually WASTED on shoes! I was happy to hear that she gave Zipz Shoes and "A+".

They were really comfortable, you can't even tell when they are on your feet that they "zip". They didn't squeak! That was my main thing. She walks around everywhere and she had NO problems. The zipper isn't wearing down to where it is coming off the shoes. Honestly, Zipz shoes is a very high quality of shoes!

How do I know the Zipper is any good and will last?  Is it strong?

          Zipz Shoes only uses YKK™ zippers and fastening systems in the construction of our shoes.  YKK™ is the premier fastening company in the world with a fantastic reputation for durability and strength.  Our partnership with YKK™ means that Zipz Shoes™ will always utilize the best zipper available anywhere in the world. Our lifetime warranty against defects is clear proof we’ll always stand behind our shoes!

I want to get ALL of my kids these shoes, and of course myself, too!

Fashion is fun and now you can dictate your own fashion by interchanging the shoe components to create a shoe you like.  In addition, you only have to buy the “covers” you want in the future rather than buying a complete pair of shoes which provides big savings in the long run.

          You can simply buy numerous Zipz Shoes™ “Covers” and mix them at home under your own creative discretion.

          The maintenance is a snap as well.  You can wash the covers and replace it with another cover while the dirty one is being cleaned.  They are pre-shrunk/pre-washed.

          Travel space is another problem Zipz Shoes™ solves.  You can simply stack numerous covers on top of one another.  No more extra bag for shoes is necessary when packing for trips!  This takes up far less space than packing several pairs of normal shoes.

          And finally if you have a foot device for an orthotic, our proprietary and patent pending zipper system makes the insertion and removal of the device very simple.

If you go to Zipz Shoes Facebook and go through their wall and their photo's on Facebook you can see all of the really cool designs.

I don't want you to take my word for it, I want you to go out and get yourself, or someone you know and love a pair of Zipz! Find out for yourself! You can buy Zipz Shoes at Shoe

Or...You can always WIN a pair of Zipz Shoes here! One winner will get to pick the style they would like to win. When I draw a winner I will send over the "Look Book" for you to pick out a pair!

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Good Luck!

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    sherry b says:

    so need new shoes and this is the ones. Thanks for the chance to win.

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