Swaddle Designs – Review

I remember all those sweet swaddling blankets we had for our son when he was an itty bitty baby. The soft, thin fabric with the cute little prints. Too cute! We had so many of them and we were gifted so many adorable ones, a lot of which I’ve saved. Purchasing a good quality swaddle blanket is a wise choice because not only will they be super adorable but they tend to wash better and you can save them for any future babies you may know or have. I found a lot of the cheaper ones we bought faded really quickly and got those annoying little pilling balls of fabric on them. Swaddle Designs sells awesome blankets that you will love for either your own baby or someone you know who will be welcoming a new addition to their family soon! I received the Baby Sleep Bundle which is a great gift idea. In the box you receive two swaddle blankets (Different styles and colors are available) as well as a Happiest Baby CD. Wrap your baby up in one of these fantastic blankets, pop on the CD and maybe you will magically have a few hours to yourself when you can lay your sleeping baby down and watch them peacefully doze (Ok that doesn’t happen often but moms can dream right?) At www.swaddledesigns.com you can pick from not only beautiful swaddling blankets but bedding, outfits and lots more. Prices are really affordable and you’ll be receiving products that will soon become your favorite baby items. If you gift something from Swaddle Designs you will have everyone asking where you got such a cute gift!

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