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I can honestly say that I have found one of the most awesome Dog Tag sites. Dog Tag Art offers TONS of great dog tags perfect for your 4 legged baby! Doesn't matter if you have a dog or cat, Dog Tag Art has you covered.

Dog Tag Art dog tags are made with recycled Steel Core so basically the dog tags are going to stand up to anything you can throw at it. I know my dogs love to chew, having a dog tag that can withstand THEIR wear and tear is great news to me! Here's a little about Dog Tag Art that I thought you might be interested in hearing & reading.

The company was started by Jack Carrier to solve a problem. The spark for his idea can be attributed to his old Chocolate Lab that is persistent in one thing: wandering off.  One evening Maggie wondered off with out-dated tags that resulted in a complicated web of phone calls and worry before she was finally returned.  Jack thought "there has to be a better way for a finder to get in contact with me, WITHOUT it depending on a phone number."  Jack was  traveling a lot which meant Maggie would be unprotected for long stretches of time, which was dangerous. That problem kicked off the idea and resulted in this company.

The solution to that problem was launched in May of 2010.  "Virtual Leash" solves the problem by allowing pet finders to use a pet's unique website to contact MANY people INSTANTLY and simultaneously using voice (robo-call), text messages, email, and Twitter.  It will also show any address you choose on a Google Map.  It lets finders see important info about your pet immediately.

While Virtual Leash was in development, Dog Tag Art was started as a side project and grew in it's own right to become a community built around fun, art, our beloved pets, and giving back to Humane Societies.  It continues to grow and attract more awesome artists and user-submitted "super-model" pet photos.

Scott Freshwater provided the seed funding and valuable business coaching.  Soon after Jack moved into a Small Business Incubator at AB Tech College near Asheville, North Carolina where the company still resides.  In August 2009, Jack won a "Technology Business Plan Competition" that was designed to give a boost to a company nearly "ready for production."  A panel of judges chose Jack's plan and presentation out of 14 other businesses and granted the business $25,000.

In December of 2009 Jack was joined by Russell Barker, an operations manager with over 10 years experience in the e-commerce field, who saw great potential in Dog Tag Art. Russ oversees the production line and is responsible for getting beautiful tags made and into customer's mail boxes. He is also very hands-on with many projects within the company and contributes weekly informational blog articles to the site.

The Virtual Leash from what I read sounds like a life saver to dogs and their families. My dog Sissy tries to escape ALL the time. If you open the front door you better have her in your eye view because she is going to run out right under your feet! And if you think you can catch her, you're out of your mind! When she gets out she is a BUTT to get back in. She may be small, but OMGosh is she fast! The Virtual Leash is perfect for the little turd!

Read more about the Virtual Leash by visiting HERE.

Dog Tag Art has been around for awhile so you know that you can trust them and their name. Dog Tag Art offers Fundraising, with their awesome designs (Which we'll get to in a second) they are sure to please any animal lover. Please keep Dog Tag Art in mind when you're looking for that perfect company to do Fundraising with.

Okay so now, let's get to the AWESOME designs of Dog Tag Art. I was looking around their site this morning and picked out the perfect dog tag for my little dog Rex. Instead of me saying what it says, take a look!

The Bitches LOVE ME Pet Tag

Now look which dog I chose to wear this AWESOME tag. I don't know why but I really laughed my rear end off!

2011-03-30 14.51.14

This is my smallest puppy Rex and he will be wearing the awesome Dog Tag Art tag.

You really have to take a look at all the awesome tags, there are SO many hilarious dog tags! I was laughing so hard and it really got my 'blah' mood to a really good one. Take a look at the Funny Tags , Or if you would like Breed Specific tags they have those too!

Blue Great Dane Dog Identification Tag

How about some Cat Tags? Yep! Dog Tag Art has them too!

Nip Head Cat ID Tag

Dog Art tag even has Rescue Tags;

Give This Dog a Home Pet ID Tag

While you're on Dog Tag Art take a look at all the awesome tag designers, there's 61 of them! Also, you can submit YOUR own design for Dog Tag Art and be featured too! Take a look HERE.

Right now on Dog Tag Art you can...

Please use only one coupon per order.

If you're wanting some great information about your dogs, read Dog Tag Art's blog, they have a lot of useful information and some great FAQs!

I will be writing more about what I think of the dog tag once I receive it, but for now we have a giveaway for you!

5 Winners will win a gift certificate to Dog Tag Art and you can see for yourself how well they can stand up to you and your 4 legged friend!


Go to Dog Tag Art and tell me which tag design you love the most. (This is required before ANY extra's are counted)



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Disclaimer: Dog Tag Art sponsored this review & Giveaway by providing me with the noted item above for my review.

My review is an honest opinion based on my own experience, and is not reviewed or edited by Dog Tag Art.


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