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Have you seen the Custom BumpyName Orbit Labels?


They come in a GREAT variety of colors.

You can even have an icon added on the label too:




Or  a Star

Buy prozac without prescription, These are the best and they are reuseable... this is the BIG one for me... you can move them and use them on different cups.. Acheter en ligne prozac, they are not stuck on forever.

I know that JMan has his favorite cups to use so I LOVE the fact that I can move the inchbug label to whatever cup he wants today.

The Original Orbit Label ® is every parent’s solution for labeling bottles, sippy cups, snack containers and other various drink/toiletry containers. This innovative product is non-adhesive, Hawaii HI , reusable and personalized to meet your needs. These dishwasher and microwave safe orbit labels are awesome, buy prozac without prescription. The orbit labels are sure to make any parent's life simpler. Oregon OR Ore. , No more "permanent" markers that wash away in the dishwasher. No more sticky labels that fade, peel, or leave sticky residue, ordering prozac online cheap. These labels are easy to use - just stretch and release for a snug fit around a variety of containers. BumpyName orbit labels are an ideal gift for baby showers and toddler birthdays and a must-have for pre-school and daycare.

BumpyName orbit labels Buy prozac without prescription, were invented by a mom. They were designed to fit the traditional 4oz. Idaho ID , baby bottle and can stretch to accommodate the needs of a child's changing drink container. These labels fit all sippy cups and a variety of sport bottles. They can be interchanged being that they are non-adhesive and reusable - what a great change from the traditional method of one-time use sticky labels. BumpyName Orbit labels are also great for labeling shampoos and toiletry containers for camp and college bound kids, buy prozac without prescription. They are a great gift idea for any age, order prozac.

Features Include:

  • Dishwasher Safe

  • Microwaveable

  • Can be boiled/sterilized

  • Constructed with FDA compliant non-toxic material

  • Fits snug around containers - young children can't remove

  • Help small hands with a non-slick grip

  • Easy to transfer to different cups,bottles,etc

  • Braille matches name on pre-printed labels. Braille on custom labels reads "InchBug"

  • Will never peel, fade or wash away!

Here is a little more about the Orbit Labels:

BumpyName Orbit Labels were designed by a parent to make other parents' lives simpler. They are a unique and practical solution for labeling containers with your child's name or any name, Utah UT . Buy prozac without prescription, These innovative labels are non-adhesive, reusable and educational. They were created for labeling children's drink containers after traditional methods of labeling had failed. Parents no longer have to contend with sticky residue from adhesive labels, Order prozac online without prescription, peeling and faded labels or rewriting on cups with a permanent marker that isn’t so “permanent” when handled or placed in the dishwasher.

BumpyName Orbit Labels are personalized with a name in text and all labels feature Braille*. The added Braille makes it a wonderful teaching tool for children with visual impairments and for making sighted children aware of disabilities that others may have in life. This product also aids in minimizing the spread of germs, thus having a healthier child, buy prozac without prescription. The labels can be personalized with a second line of text that is great for listing allergies, West Virginia WV W.Va. , phone #, etc. Ohio OH , BumpyName Orbit Labels are easy to use – just stretch around the container and release for a snug fit. BumpyName Orbit Labels have been featured in several national parenting magazines as a "foolproof labeling system" and a way to prevent "bottle mix-up" at pre-school and day care settings.

BumpyName Orbit Labels can withstand the rigors of repeated dishwashing, microwaving, comprare prozac sconto, boiling and sterilizing all while maintaining a clear personalization of a name on a container. Buy prozac without prescription, They were designed to fit the traditional 4 ounce baby bottle (Gerber, Playtex) and can stretch to accommodate larger sport bottles (up to approximately 30 ounces).

They are reusable, Ordering prozac online without prescription, so as children progress from baby bottles to sippy cups, the BumpyName Orbit Label can simply be removed and placed on the new container. They also serve as a wonderful grip for children learning to hold their drink containers.

BumpyName Orbit Labels are not only for children, Colorado CO Colo. . They are ideal for adolescents, pre-teens, Buy cheap prozac online, college bound students and adults. They are great for those individuals that attend camps, members of a sports team, band, dance team, cheerleading, boy scouts, or girl scouts, buy prozac without prescription. These labels are great for labeling personal toiletry items, sport bottles, and even flashlights, cheap prozac. They are also fantastic for those working adults that just struggle keeping their snack and drink containers (soda cans, plastic soda bottles and water bottles) in the office refrigerator. Ordering prozac without prescription, BumpyName Orbit Labels work great on not only drink containers but other items such as: shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, hair gel, Kaufen prozac, snack containers, sunscreen, Acquistare online prozac, body wash, flashlights, travel coffee cups, creams, and lotions. It is a unique, durable and versatile method of labeling and identifying your belongings. *Braille on pre-printed labels match the text name and Braille on custom labels will read "INCHBUG."

InchBug is the maker of BumpyName Orbit Labels. Our customers can find us by utilizing the following search terms: bumpy name, bumpy names, bumpy labels, inch bug, inchbugs, baby bottle labels, sippy cup labels.

What a fun stocking stuffer

One Barefoot Mommy reader will be able to win a 4 piece package of 1 or 2 line custom labels with or without an  icon.

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Here is the link: Inch Bug

leave a link with your Facebook name to confirm.


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Disclaimer: Inch Bug sponsored this review by providing me with the above stated products for my review.

My review is an honest opinion based on my own experience , and is not reviewed or edited by Inch Bug.


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